We were commissioned by Tresnal Agropecuaria, a company that provides various services related to the field in the Republic of Argentina, to develop a logo that represents the service it provides as a slaughterhouse plant under the name “Grupo Tresnal - Frigorífico”.
Grupo Tresnal is a company that stands out in the market because it works with fresh, unpackaged meat from animals that have recently been slaughtered, ensuring better-tasting meat.
We developed a logo for a meat-market / slaughterhouse plant, showcasing a herd of cattle to represent the company's focus on quality beef products. The client, a leading player in the Argentinean market, wanted a logo that would convey their commitment to providing fresh, high-quality beef.
By using a herd of cattle in the logo, we were able to capture the essence of the client's business while also creating a memorable visual representation of the brand. The logo reflects the company's reputation for delivering fresh, flavorful beef that meets the high standards of the discerning Argentinean consumer.
Typically, when designing a logo, we present several options to our clients so they can pick and choose the one that best suits their brand. However, along the way, some logos don't make the cut and never see the light of day. Despite this, we believe that these logos are still incredibly interesting, and we'd like to share them with you.