At Lakeshore ENT, we approached the logo design process with a commitment to offering our client a range of options that would truly capture the essence of their business. We crafted a variety of unique and creative logo proposals, each with its own distinct style and message. This diverse selection allowed the client to explore a spectrum of design possibilities and select the one that resonated most with their vision and values. By providing multiple choices, we ensured that the final logo not only met but exceeded the expectations of Lakeshore ENT, resulting in a brand identity that truly reflects the quality and excellence of their services.

Typically, when designing a logo, we present several options to our clients so they can pick and choose the one that best suits their brand. However, along the way, some logos don't make the cut and never see the light of day. Despite this, we believe that these logos are still incredibly interesting, and we'd like to share them with you.